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netprotect_polyethylen® LLIN Mosquito Nets  

In contrast to some other LLIN technologies on the market, Netprotect® PE builds on a technology in which the insecticide is completely incorporated into the fibers of the yarn. A small portion of the insecticide is always on the surface of the yarn, ensuring the continuous efficacy of the net. The remaining part is located deep inside the fiber, constituting a depot that through controlled release constantly replaces the insecticide that is removed from the surface. This creates a system that makes Netprotect® efficient throughout its entire lifetime.

Why Netprotect® is superior

Effective: Innovative Netprotect® technology ensures the net works with maximum efficacy throughout its lifetime.


Lightweight: Netprotect® is using a very effective insecticide why the depot needed to ensure long lasting efficacy can be build into thinner yarns. The leighter net is an advantage in transport and distribution.


Strong: polyethylene is a very strong material compared to other textile fibers. This ensures that the net will not tear easily.

Durable: Both in terms of net material and efficacy, which means a maximum number of people, can be helped at minimum cost.

Tailored to the task: Available in different mesh sizes to meet local needs and vector sizes, as well as in a variety of net sizes, shapes and colors.

Convenient: Polyethylene monofilament fibers are very smooth, which means dust does not settle easily on the net. Therefore, less washing is needed.

Affordable: Netprotect® is cheaper than other LLIN alternatives.


Netprotect® mesh

Netprotect® Polyethylene is available in the following mesh standards: 


Mesh 136

Mesh 200

According to standards set by WHO

Primarily used on the African continent

According to standards set by WHO

Primarily used on the South American continent

The Netprotect®technology is not restricted to these meshes. Special meshes can be manufactured on request.



Netprotect® shape

Netprotect® Polyethylene is available in a standard rectangular shape. Rectangular mosquito nets are highly practical both for indoor and outdoor use in malaria endemic areas. These mosquito nets can also be used against dengue fever and other vector-borne diseases.
At your request, we can manufacture circular nets according to your specifications




The dimensions of rectangular nets vary depending on customer needs. Netprotect® Polyethylene is available in the following standard sizes but can be made according to your specific requirements.











Protection for 1 adult and 1 child



Protection for 1 adult and 1-2 children




Protection for 2 adults and 1-3 children

















Quantity per 20 container

Contains 12.500/11.000 nets (approximately)

Contains 11.500/10.500

nets (approximately)

Contains 11.000/10.000

 nets (approximately)

Quantity per 40 container

Contains 27.000/26.500 nets (approximately)

Contains 26.500/26.000

nets (approximately)

Contains 26.000/25.500

nets (approximately)







Netprotect® PE uses a stringent quality control system


Raw materials



Each batch of Deltamethrin is supplied with a Certificate of quality (CoQ). This CoQ must contain the following data and the product must comply with the respective specifications:
�          Deltamethrin content                   > 985 g/kg
�          Deltamethrin R-isomer content     <   10 g/kg
�          Acid Chloride content                   <     2 g/kg
�          Acid and Anhydride content          <   10 g/kg
�          Melting point                               >    98    °C
�          Optical rotation                            =  57 ±,5°
One sample is taken upon arrival at the master batch (MB) manufacturer and sent for chemical analysis to confirm the data in the certificate of analysis. The following is checked:
          Deltamethrin content                   > 985 g/kg
The Deltamethrin consignment is assigned a batch number. This batch number is transferred to the individual bags, enabling traceability throughout the production process.


PE polymer:

The PE polymer is supplied by reliable and long term suppliers. The PE polymer is checked by the supplier and data can be extracted from their QC system. 

Auxiliary chemicals:

All chemicals are supplied with a certificate of quality (CoQ) from the manufacturer. 

During production

See Quality Matrix


Master batch (MB):
Each batch of Deltamethrin containing MB receives a batch code consisting of a two-digit running number and a single-digit year indicator:

One sample for each one metric ton (MT)of MB is sent for chemical analysis and the active ingredient content determined. A logbook is kept establishing which batch of Deltamethrin technical grade raw material was used for the batch. If a new batch of Deltamethrin technical grade is put in use during production, the batch number of the MB is changed to the next higher running number, i.e., from 014 to 024. 


Net material

The batch code of the Deltamethrin containing MB follows the yarn from extrusion through production. When the yarn is knitted and, finally, the net material is cut and sewn into finished nets, the MB code is used as the basis for the production code:


The production code is printed on the care label of each net. With this code, all QC data for this particular production batch can be traced. 



With each order a Quality Control Certificate (QCC) is supplied. The QCC contains all relevant quality control data:
Chemical analysis data establishing the content of Deltamethrin throughout the batch
Average and standard deviation on remaining QC data from this particular batch:
Yarn thickness
Mesh size
Fabric weight
Bursting strength


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